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Margate has a long association with music and leisure. Established as the UK’s first seaside holiday destination, Victorian music halls were part of Margate’s attraction. Its popularity continued until the advent of package holidays to Spain when Margate suffered a lasting decline and has since been an area recognised as having significant social deprivation and divide.

Our CIC is part of the regeneration and development of Margate, through the expansion of our festivals and events programme, live music provision and the development of community and educational combined creative arts activities.

We have created Margate Soul Festival, Skagate, Mods & 60s Festival and the newly formed Margate Jazz Festival, each of which have become an integral part of our community. We also provide support and assistance to other local organisations to deliver their activities and events. We have developed training programmes and educational activities in a variety of disciplines.

Our partnerships with schools, higher and further education providers and other organisations means Margate is becoming the place to come for training and development opportunities in events and festival management, grassroots music development and creative media – all led by Olby’s CIC.