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‘The regeneration of an area is much bigger than building new houses or adding more infrastructure – to truly regenerate an area is to make the local community proud and excited about where they live.’

‘CIC’s are limited companies which operate to provide a benefit to the community they serve. They are not strictly ‘not for profit’, and CIC’s can, and do, deliver returns to investors. However, the purpose of a CIC is primarily one of community benefit rather than private profit.’

We are now located at Studio One, part of Olby’s Creative Hub, formerly The Dug Out.

With the support of Arts Council England we have been able to convert our space for multi-use creative activities to support the work we do in delivering our festival brands and facilitate training and development opportunities for young people and the wider community.

We see the CIC as an important part of the regeneration and development plans for Margate through the continued improvement of our festivals, our events programme, live music provision and the creation of combined community and educational creative arts activities. Our aim is to showcase Margate’s forward thinking attitude by creating town-owned, sustainable, celebratory events, as well as providing training and development opportunities that have real outcomes with tangible results.

We are in an exciting new phase of growth and seeking support to fulfill our vision. We are looking for sponsors and donors to help us fully realise our potential.