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The Margate Community Chest is being established by Olby’s CIC in order to help raise funds to support exciting and entrepreneurial ideas by, and for, the people of Margate.

How it works

/ Money is raised by community interest schemes or by donations. This money will go into the ‘Community Chest’

/ The money in the Chest will then be allocated towards community-based initiatives in Margate.

/ Preference will be given to projects which ‘pay it forward’ – replenishing the Chest for others to benefit.

community eco-cups thanet

The first initiative being supported is ‘Community Eco-Cups Thanet’.
The brainchild of Valentina Giordano and being driven by Valentina and Rebecca Thomas (graphic designer beckyismyname.co.uk), this project will provide locally-branded eco-cups for use at events. They will be launched at our festivals in 2020, be reusable, fully recyclable and BPA free.

A portion of any profit made from the Community Eco-Cups will go back into the Margate Community Chest.

The initiative aims to: “play a part in the reduction of single use plastic waste and help minimise plastic pollution on our beaches and streets, especially as a result of festivals and large events.”

do you have an idea?

If you have an idea which you think would be of benefit to our community, please get in touch – we’d love to hear it!

To donate to the Community Chest please use the link below.

“Your contribution is an investment in the future of Margate and its young people”

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