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Warrior Soul – Black Roze – Gutwrenched

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Price: £10.00
31.05.19 - 01.06.19
7.30pm - 1.00am

Live from Olbys House is pleased to present..

Warrior Soul – Black Roze – Gutwrenched

“I am even more convinced than ever that Clarke is one of the greatest living rock stars around. A modern day poet with ruminations about the state of the world, Clarke and Warrior Soul bring you down into the gutter while showing you how to have a good time.” Not unlike a rock n’ roll Dante that shows the layers of hell that stand before us, all set to a rock n’ roll soundtrack that would make AC/DC, The Sex Pistols and Motorhead proud. Forget all of the musical genres, sub genres and so forth. Warrior Soul isn’t just metal. It isn’t just punk either. It’s what rock n’ roll should be. Rebellion, a black eye to the fascists of our society, chaotic reflection and ultimately a musical party to drown our sorrows in.”

– XS ROCK 2018

Warrior Soul Perform at Olby’s Music Room Tickets in advance priced £10.00 plus booking fee

Doors Open from 7.30pm – Stage times from 8.15pm – After show event from 11pm approx